Frequently Asked Questions

What types of scholarships are available for students?

All award details are listed under the scholarship listing on the website. These details include all the information that you will need to begin your application. 

Am I competitive for a prestigious award?

The awards that are available are all vastly different. Some have GPA requirements and others do not. Some awards prioritize academics, while others focus on social change, leadership, financial need, and other factors. The best way to know which awards are right for you is by doing your research on this site and on the sites for the respective awards in which you are interested.

Where do my recommenders send their letters?

Recommenders can email a scanned version of their signed recommendation letters, preferably on letterhead, to

Is it possible for me to receive feedback on my application? 

Advisors in the Office of Prestigious Awards and Fellowships are happy to review and provide feedback on application materials. Applicants who would like to receive feedback on their application should send completed drafts to at least two weeks prior to the award deadline.

Why are there two deadlines for some awards?

Many awards require institutional nomination or review. The campus deadline is set earlier than the national deadline in order for a faculty committee to review your applications and possibly provide feedback for ways that you can strengthen your application. In all cases, students should treat the campus deadline as if it is the national deadline. All letters of recommendation and transcripts should be in the office by the campus deadline. If you are having some challenges gathering particular items, please alert the office so that we know that you working on procuring these items.