First Year Fellows

First Year Fellows at the Merrick Fountain
First Year Fellows staff photo
FYFs Esther, Justin, and Sirisha at the Majors & Minors Fair offered in September
First Year Fellows (FYFs) serve as a transitional support system for students as they face new academic challenges and concerns during their first year of college.  FYFs enrich the community with opportunities for academic excellence, campus engagement, and professional development through mentoring, academic role modeling, educational programming, and personal interactions.

 Meet Your First Year Fellow!

We know that the first year of college can be daunting.  Potentially moving far from home, meeting new people, adjusting to college level course work, and trying to figure out your purpose and what exactly drives you.  We create initiatives that help you achieve academic excellence, connect you to campus resources, and assist you in your professional development. First Year Fellows have the experience of an upperclass student to help you learn from their experiences.

Residents will meet their FYF for the first time during 'Cane Kickoff at the first floor meeting!

Eaton Residential College First Year Fellows 

first year fellows of eaton

Hecht Residential College First Year Fellows 

first year fellows of Hecht

 Stanford Residential College First Year Fellows 

stanford first year fellows