General Honors Program

Over Five Decades of Excellence

 In 1957, the faculty of the University of Miami established the General Honors Program to provide an academically challenging course of study for outstanding students. The program was later expanded by coordinating Departmental Honors, and graduation with University Honors (summa cum laude, magna cum laude and cum laude). Students who satisfactorily complete the requirements for University, General, and/or Departmental Honors are graduated with ‘summa cum laude’, ‘magna cum laude’, ‘cum laude’, ‘General Honors’, and ‘Departmental Honors in…’; the award is noted on the graduate’s diploma and official transcript.

The General Honors Program offers exceptional students an educational opportunity by providing an academically challenging course of study at the University of Miami. Students must complete the requirements of the General Honors Program in order to be eligible to graduate with General Honors. The General Honors Program coordinates honors courses and sections each semester. The courses are available in introductory through advanced levels, in a wide variety of fields, and in all colleges and schools of the university. In general, honors courses are small classes taught as seminars with emphasis on interactive learning and discussion. Courses designated with honors attribute are determined by the departments in which they are offered, not by the General Honors Program Office.

The Honors Students’ Association, the social and cultural arm of the General Honors Program, provides co-curricular events and programs to enhance the student’s university experience. In collaboration with the Office of Prestigious Awards and Fellowships, the General Honors Program will also work to partner high-achieving undergraduate students with the program and award opportunities that are available for their particular skills and accomplishments.

*The General Honors Program is no longer admitting new students