First Year Fellow Selection 2020-2021

Expose. Encourage. Engage. Empower.

First Year Fellows (FYFs) support the purpose of the Office of Academic Enhancement through their efforts to expose students to campus resources and opportunities, encourage students by serving as an advocate and mentor for their professional and personal growth, engage students by connecting them with faculty and campus partners, and to empower students by motivating them to take ownership of their education and learn to advocate for themselves along their journey.


2020-2021 Academic Year Process

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  • Application

    The application period is closed at this time. It may reopen if a suitable candidate is not found with the applications received.

    Application Format:
    1. Applicant information  

    2. Short answer essay questions (300 words or less each)

      1. Describe the ideal academically engaged student and community. The OAE Purpose is described by four keywords: expose, encourage, engage, and empower. Visit our website (click here) for details about the OAE Purpose.  As an FYF, what strategies would you employ to build an academically engaged community and aim to achieve the OAE Purpose?

      2. Developing trusting relationships are key to becoming a successful FYF.  FYFs serve between 50 and 75 residents on one or two different floors.  Describe how your skills and abilities will aid you in building these relationships, and list at least three specific strategies you would use to build these relationships with your residents.  What are some challenges you may have to overcome with proactively seeking and building relationships with residents, and how will you overcome them?

      3. Tell us about something that you are passionate about.  How does that passion translate when working with others?  How can you relate what you are passionate about to the FYF position?

    3. References & Resume 

      1. Include the names and contact information of 3 references. At least one should be your RA, FYF, or if you are a commuter, your academic advisor. The other two should be a colleague, professor, or employer.

      2. Upload your resume. You are encouraged to use Toppel Career Center's website and/or peer advising to review your resume.

  • Job Description & Terms of Employment (2020-2021)

    Review the job description and requirements for the position.

  • FYF Selection Timeline

    Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Please consider submitting your application as soon as possible for strongest consideration.

    Within 2 business days after receiving your application, you will be contacted to schedule your interview.

  • Interview

    Eligible applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview within 2 business days after receiving your application.

    • Interviews last approximately 30 minutes and will include the Sr. Advisor, Residential Colleges and one of the Residential Faculty