Navigate Best Practices & Help Guides

The best practices outlined are to provide consistent student experiences and recordkeeping among the users.  The Navigate Help Guides should be used to train new users & for reviewing how to perform a task in Navigate, prior to contacting Learning Platforms.

If there's a guide that you think would be helpful to create, email Michael Stokes.


Best Practices

Appointment Summaries vs. Notes

Notetaking for student interactions, including meetings, emails, and more, can be completed by either using the Appointment Summary or Adding a Note on a Student.  Find out which is best.
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Issue an Alert (Referral)

Campus resources provided information to communicate to students and may reach out to students to close that referral loop.
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Progress Reports

Progress Reports help student support staff to identify students who may be struggling so that outreach and resources can be provided.
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Guides for Advisors

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Guides for Faculty

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