Finding Help with Navigate

Navigate is a robust student support system, and has many nuances. Sometimes it's hard to know where to start to get help on a task in Navigate.

Where to find help

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Functional vs. Technical

Functional Questions

 What does functional refer to?

If you are exploring ways to leverage Navigate, considering changes to your existing business processes, or want to know more about what options are available, this is related to functional questions.



Michael Stokes
Director, Academic Initiatives & Academic Ombudsperson
Email Michael Stokes

Technical Issues

 What does technical refer to?

If there are issues with a function not working properly, there seems to be something off about the data, or you are receiving error messages, these are technical issues that should be triaged by UMIT.  The Learning Platforms team supports Navigate at UM, and can escalate concerns to EAB, if needed.  Please submit a ticket if you have a technical issue.


Gemma Henderson
Director, Learning Platforms 
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Additional Resources

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  • Navigate Training Site

    The Navigate Training site is a protected environment.  No communication goes to students, faculty, or other users. It's a resource for users to practice without worrying about mistakes.

    Launch Training Site


  • EAB Help Center

    The EAB Help Center can be accessed by clicking on the ? in the top right corner after logging into Navigate.  Here, you'll find information on upcoming releases, help articles, and help center links and community board.